About Me...

Putting her own stamp on the indie-folk genre, Zoë Dellaca is an emerging singer-songwriter from the small town of Bunbury, WA. Having recently released her debut album 'Sweater Weather' and single 'Still,' Zoë is slowly but surely making her mark on the local music scene.  


While she always enjoyed playing music and writing songs, Zoë never really believed she could make a living from being a musician until 2016 when she spontaneously decided to take a break from studying teaching at university and launched into a Cert III in Music instead. Taking advantage of the extra time she suddenly had on her hands she began relentlessly gigging around the south-west and peel regions. Showcasing her original tunes to audiences with overwhelmingly positive reactions who constantly asked her “Where can we buy your music” was the last sign she needed to start recording her songs and get it out in the world.


In 2017, she started chipping away at recording her debut album, ‘Sweater Weather’ with local ‘Legend’ producer Nat Marshall of Township Sound. While still new to the scene, Nat has already proved himself to have extraordinary vision and helped to shape the songs that Zoë brought him into more than she could ever have hoped for. Centred around Zoë’s stripped back acoustic sound, the album incorporates sensual synths and catchy guitar riffs that complement her sweet and melodious voice. 


Accompanying the upcoming release of her single ‘Still’ in 2018, Zoë is excited to be playing a myriad of gigs at some of her favourite local venues where she will continue to promote her original music.